1. What information can I obtain from IC4R database?

    You can obtain the summary information, genome context, gene browser, transcripts information, expression level, homolog group, SNP variation information, post-translational modification, gene related literature, additional links to other functional annotation and sequences of genes of interest.

  2. How can I obtain specific information of genes of interest?

    You can obtain information of genes of interest by either Browse or Search function. Examples are shown in the figures below.

  3. How can I link to the committed sub-database of IC4R?

    You can link to each sub-database either on the top navigation bar or on the welcome page which includes the hyperlink of each sub-database.

  4. How can I obtain detailed information in committed sub-database?

    You can obtained detailed information of interest in corresponding sub-database by clicking on the button 'view in new window' on top of each embedded result.

  5. Can I download the data?

    You can download data of interest in corresponding sub-database.

  6. I would like to report bug or give suggestions, is there any contact information?

    We look forward to worldwide comments, suggestions and guidance from colleagues and peers with common research interests. Please find our contact information here.