Gene Annotation in IC4R 1.0

Gene Accession Os06g0324800
Location Chr6:12680638-12681851 (+)
Synonym PHT1-9;PT9;Os06g0324800;LOC_Os06g21920;OsJ_21168;IC4R-OSJ06G195600
Organism Ehrhartoideae / Oryzeae /Oryza
Length (bp) 1214
IC4R Links Expression; Variation; Literature; RiceWiki ; IC4R 2.0
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Accession Length Location GC content Purine content Sequence

Methylation profile

QTL/Gene qLVBTL6-1
Major category Morphological trait
Category of object character Panicle/flower
Character Number of large vascular bundles/Area of -3rd leaf
Marker RFLP
No of marker for position determination 2
Location Chr6: 10580630-15423582
Mapping method C)Interval
Population RIL
No of plants 241
LOD 16.61
Parent A Zhenshan 97
Parent B Minghui 63
Direction ( Parent ) A
Explained variance 16.76
Additive effect 0.039
Year 2003