Gene Annotation in IC4R 1.0

Gene Accession Os01g0883800
Location Chr1:38382385-38385469 (+)
Synonym 20ox2;C20ox2;GA20;Sd-1;Os01g0883800;LOC_Os01g66100;B1065E10.46;IC4R-OSJ01G576800
Organism Ehrhartoideae / Oryzeae /Oryza
Length (bp) 3085
IC4R Links Expression; Variation; Literature; RiceWiki ; IC4R 2.0
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Accession Length Location GC content Purine content Sequence
Os08t0191600-01 360 Chr8:5364394-5366465 (+) 51.94 53.33 [Download] [View]

Methylation profile

QTL/Gene qRIE 1
Major category Resistance or Tolerance
Category of object character Submergency tolerance
Character rate of internodal elongation
Marker Mixture
No of marker for position determination 2
Location Chr1: 37710241-40297677
Mapping method C)Interval
Population F2
No of plants 155
LOD 108
Parent A T65
Parent B Bhadua
Direction ( Parent ) B
Explained variance 32.2
Additive effect 1.5
Year 2003