Gene Summary

Gene Accession IC4R-OSJ01G000600
ID Mapping LOC_Os01g01060,Os01g0100700
Gene Description 40S Ribosomal Protein S5
Organism Oryza sativa Japonica Group
Type Protein-coding Gene
Length (bp) 1515
Chromosome Chromosome 1
Location 27136:28651
Strand +
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Gene Ontology
GO:0005886 Cellular Component plasma membrane
GO:0000028 Biological Process Ribosomal Small Subunit Assembly
GO:0019843 Molecular Function Rrna Binding
GO:0003729 Molecular Function Mrna Binding
GO:0022627 Cellular Component Cytosolic Small Ribosomal Subunit
GO:0015935 Cellular Component Small Ribosomal Subunit
GO:0003723 Molecular Function Rna Binding
GO:0003735 Molecular Function Structural Constituent Of Ribosome
GO:0009536 Cellular Component plastid
GO:0005198 Molecular Function structural molecule activity
GO:0005829 Cellular Component cytosol
GO:0005618 Cellular Component cell wall
GO:0005773 Cellular Component vacuole
GO:0005575 Cellular Component Cellular Component
GO:0016020 Cellular Component membrane
GO:0005840 Cellular Component ribosome
GO:0006412 Biological Process translation
Plant Ontology
No related terms.
Environment Ontology
No related terms.
Trait Ontology
No related terms.

Functional Annotation


RNA-Seq Evidence

Expression Profiles

Average (TPM) Median (TPM) Maximum (TPM) Minimum (TPM) CV τ-Value Tissues Breadth
185.924032 155.162159 542.925964 27.016542 0.716025 0.696231293 18
TPM: Transcripts Per Million; CV: Coefficient of Variance; τ-Value: Tissue Specificity Index

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